Should I Use Antibacterial Soap?

Research shows they offer zero health benefits. But by changing the makeup of your skin and body bacteria, antibacterials may be fostering new health concerns—especially for kids. Whoever said “cleanliness is next to godliness” would think pretty highly of modern-day America. Never before has a population so committed itself to rubbing, scrubbing, sterilizing and disinfecting Read more about Should I Use Antibacterial Soap?[…]

Are My Devices Messing With My Brain?

  Yes—and you’re probably suffering from phantom text syndrome, too. First it was radio. Then it was television. Now doomsayers are offering scary predictions about the consequences of smartphones and all the other digital devices to which we’ve all grown so attached. So why should you pay any attention to the warnings this time? Apart Read more about Are My Devices Messing With My Brain?[…]