November 24, 2016


Do you or your child have Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder? 

That question can be written on many pages or on one page. Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem of focus, organization, constant movement, clarity, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, doing multiple tasks all at the same time, thinking beyond the present, or any variant of the above. ADD is a multitude of things that we do daily, or it may be as easy as not being able to pick out a shirt or pair of pants.

We tend to see it more within the educational process as children or adults who just can’t get it. Their minds are moving so quickly, they jump from thing to thing without giving enough time to what is in front of them, if they are able to see what is in front of them.

Our teachers are aware of the problems in education, sometimes they appear in the work place, and someone needs to identify it and deal with the possible solutions.

Identification is only the beginning; our task afterwards is to educate the person in the manifestations and what to do about it. It may be as easy as teaching someone how to focus on conversations, or how to put their appointments in their smart phone so they will be able to make the appointment, or showing someone how to organize their thoughts or their clothes. While solutions are easy, sometimes identification and making a diagnosis takes longer.

In order to make a diagnosis, we would evaluate the person based upon standardized testing as usually performed by a licensed neuropsychologist who specializes in education and learning areas. As adults, who have slipped through the system, there are some less stringent assessments that can be taken in order to demonstrate ADD/HD.

Once you have the diagnosis, then the treatment is usually a combination of medication and therapy. They are more effective when done together, while one without the other can work, but usually not as well. Yes, we treat that area also. Dr. Chusid has been working with children and adults with ADD/HD for many years.

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