So THAT’S Why You’re Farting On Planes

With all the seriousness that we treat life, sometimes we need something to makes us smile and laugh. Here is an article that I just saw and thought that would interest you!! Of all travel problems, this one stinks most. Many travelers complain about an increased need to fart on planes, or, less commonly, feeling bloated while flying. If this Read more about So THAT’S Why You’re Farting On Planes[…]

Considerations for saving your marriage

Dr. Howard Chusid Nobody gets married thinking they are going to want a divorce later.  Yet many married couples end up considering a split, and the rate of divorce has more than doubled in 40 years. But just because you’re thinking about divorce, doesn’t mean it’s an inevitable conclusion.  How can you tell if you Read more about Considerations for saving your marriage[…]