November 24, 2016

Divorce Mediation

Understanding Divorce

If you are reading this, we can presume that you either are contemplating a divorce, in the midst of a divorce or just want to find out more about divorce.

While we all know that there are many jokes about divorce, divorce can be a very serious part of your life. It means that you and your spouse are not getting along, and you will be going through a difficult time in your life and that of your family and extended family.

Divorce affects everyone, not just the people involved. Your parents will be affected, your children, your relatives and your friends. You may find that whereas before you were invited to events with your spouse, which no longer will be the case. Your children may start acting up and if your children were “A” students that may no longer be the case. In fact, your “A” students may turn into “D” or “F” students, and both you and your spouse will have no idea what is happening.

If you are using an attorney, you will find things are said to your spouse, that you would never say. Things are happening around you and you have no idea who is doing what to whom. Your lives will become a jumble, and you feel that you are losing control. The only thing that you are sure of is that you are spending lots of money, and you have no idea where it will come from.

Mediation is a little different from other kinds of Divorce procedures. In mediation, you and your spouse make the decisions that will affect your family. Not a judge or an attorney, but both of you. You both get to discuss and decide how you will parent, who picks up the kids, who gets them for how many nights per week or month, what schools they can and will attend, who their physician may be, etc.

A divorce can happen three (3) ways:

  • Litigation model: Both parties have attorneys, resulting in uncontrolled financial expenses and emotional havoc. A guardian ad Litem, forensic accountant and parenting coordinator may be retained as you fight out your issues in anticipation of a judge deciding your future.
  • Collaborative model: Both spouses have their own attorney. Together you may retain a mental health professional and a neutral financial professional to join the team as you amicably work toward deciding your future.
  • Mediation model: A Supreme Court Certified Mediator works together with you to cordially resolve the issues, i.e. deciding how the assets and liabilities are divided, determining alimony, if any, child support and time-sharing. Under this model, you work jointly with a neutral party to decide yours and your family’s future.

While we are additionally certified in Collaborative Divorce, we are happy to assist you in selecting a method that would help resolve your conflict. We believe that the fewer argumentative responses that you have, the better the outcome.

We are trying to be the alternative to the litigation model, the model with the least amount of aggravation and the best outcome for you and your family. We are the Holistic group that you are looking for that will respect you and your family.

Why not give us a call? Our initial thirty (30) minute meeting describing the divorce process is at no charge. We are here for you; that is our business.

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