July 25, 2014


Services Overview

A convenient local center to help you in many important areas: Being local is important because it allows the patient/client to easily get the assistance they need. Moreover, knowing that your assistance is available 24 hours a day (there is always a counselor on call) allows us to immediately be able to deal with the difficulties that arise.

For Help in Your Personal and Family Matters For a Stronger Family or a Reasonable Divorce Call The Helping Place in Hallandale at 954-455-0388 when you need help with educational, family, drug, mental health and other counseling issues. The Helping Place has counselors, social workers, psychologists and pastoral counselors to comfort and assist with many of life’s issues. We also deal with Legal issues concerning, Family Mediation or Divorce, Parenting, Eldercare, Post Divorce, etc. . As a Florida Court approved Parenting Coordinator, Dr. Chusid gets referrals from the Court for Parenting problems of divorced parents and areas where the children and parents don’t get along, also known as Parenting Re-unification.

Our individual, group and family counseling services are available to everyone. We offer affordable fees to help you get the care you need. We offer family counseling and mediation to work out financial matters, visitation issues, and division of properties prior to the divorce decree. Florida has mandated mediation for divorces and the Helping Place strives to assist parting couples in finding stress free resolutions.

For a Healthier Lifestyle For a Better Career Opportunity We address addiction to alcohol and drugs, as well as associated addictions, including sex and gambling. The primary causes can include stress, anxiety, depression, family issues, and suicidal thoughts. The Helping Place can help you stop these destructive behaviors. We feature assessments, including SDS, MBTI, and Strong.

Our career service is excellent for single parents, retirees, and displaced workers, as well as those who are not happy in their current jobs. Students in college or adolescents who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives will benefit from career counseling as well.

Areas such as these are just some of the things that are discussed.

• Feeling unhappy for no reason
• Not being satisfied with your life
• Having trouble making decisions
• Having trouble setting or reaching goals
• Being tired for no reason
• Feeling hopeless
• Changes in sleeping or eating patterns
• Acting in ways that you don’t like
• Acting in ways that get you in trouble
• Problems with alcohol or drugs
• Relationship problems: marriage, children, family, friends
• Having trouble at work
• Thinking about death a lot or thinking of hurting yourself